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Riding the waves into the future
The Unconventional Thinking Tank

19-23 September 2022
Hotel Basiliani, Otranto (Italy)

The TUTT Conference

The unconventional thinking tank
19-23 September 2022
09:00 am

The spectacular detection of the first electromagnetic counterpart of a gravitational wave event originated by the coalescence of a binary neutron star (BNS) system (GW170817) marked the dawn of a new era for the multi-messenger and the time-domain astronomy. A world-wide extensive observing campaign was carried out to follow-up and study this (so far) unique source, providing the first compelling observational evidence for the existence of "kilonovae", transient sources powered by radioactive decay of heavy elements resulting from the r-process nucleosynthesis of ejected neutron star matter.


Together with the binary black hole (BBH) sistems, new types of astrophysical sources of GWs will be possibly discovered very soon, including neutron star-black hole binaries (NSBH) and nearby core collapse supernovae (SN), whose nature and physics could be unveiled also only through a systematic electromagnetic follow-up at all wavelengths.



Many observational results have effectivley opened a new window to study the Universe. However, many open questions remain: what was the mass spectrum of the elements produced during the merger? Was the detected electromagnetic counterpart the result of a typical neutron-star merger? Is the combination of yields and volumetric rates sufficient to explain the heavy-element abundances observed in the Universe today? Answering these questions is complex because there are likely a number of different nucleosynthetic sites in the kilonova ejecta, including in dynamically ejected material, as well as in accretion disk outflows. This means that obtaining accurate yields can only be done by disentangling the contributions of these components, which requires larger samples combined with state-of-the-art modelling.




The Conference

About TUTT workshop

What is TUTT?

TUTT is The Unconventional Think Tank: the essence of the workshop lies in thought and communication.


Set in a friendly, small area of inspiring landscapes in the beautiful region of Puglia (Italy) is conducive to deep thinking with few distractions, rules or demands. In a sort of "circle of serenity," people will work at their own speeds and in their own ways: alone ortogether, at the desk, at the blackboard or in a chair on the lawn. We would like spontaneous discussions to give rise to new collaborations and new ideas.

Scientific Topics:

- Astrophysics of GW detectors of the future: from space (LISA)

- Astrophysics of GW detectors of the future: ground-based

- Modeling of GW source progenitors

- Population models and rates

- Equation of state of ultra dense matter

- Multi-wavelength/multi-messenger observations of LIGO/Virgo sources

- Physics of gamma ray bursts

- Physics of  kilonovae



Registration: 350€   

To register please compile this form.

The registration fee includes coffee breaks, a Welcome Cocktail and a Gala Dinner.

The cost of the registration fee will be payed directly to the Hotel, after the registration form is completed, and it will be included in the accommodation costs.

The form contains all the needed information for hotel reservation and registration fee payments.

Invited Speakers

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe
Invited Speakers and Session Leaders
Igor Andreoni   -   Univ. of Maryland
Stefano Ascenzi   -   IEEC Barcelona
Pia Astone   -   INFN/Roma
Matteo Barsuglia   -  APC/CNRS Paris
Floor Broekgaarden   -   CfA Boston
Marco Drago   -   Univ. Sapienza
Anastasios Fragkos  -   Univ. of Geneva
Morgan Fraser   -   Univ. College Dublin
Giancarlo Ghirlanda   -   INAF/OAB
Siong Heng Ik   -   Univ. of Glasgow
Andrew Levan   -   Radboud Univ.
Davide Lazzati   -   Oregon State Univ.
Om Sharan Salafia   -   INAF/OAB
Mario Spera   -  SISSA Trieste





Confirmed Participants (final list):

Shreya Anand
Igor Andreoni
Stefano Ascenzi
Pia Astone
Matteo Barsuglia
Maria Grazia Bernardini
Floor Broekgaarden
Alberto Colombo
Paolo D'Avanzo

Simone Dall'Osso
Marco Drago
Raphaël Duque
Anastasios Fragkos
Morgan Fraser
Giancarlo Ghirlanda
Ik Siong Heng
Giuliano Iorio
Jakub Klencki
Davide Lazzati
Andrew Levan
Daniele Malesani
Andrea Melandri
Francesca Panessa
Alessandro Papitto
Silvia Piranomonte
Fabio Ragosta
Sara Rastello
Om Sharan Salafia
Leo Singer
Mario Spera
Cristiano Ugolini








Scientific Program

Past Events


The TUTT meeting will be held at the Hotel Basiliani 

in Otranto (Lecce)


Rates per night per person:

- € 60,00 in DBL economy per person (dependance)   
- € 80,00 in DUS economy per person (dependance)  
- € 80,00 in DBL Superior per person
- € 108,00 in DUS Superior per person
Check in after 17:00 - check out before 10:00.  Late check-out €20,00 per person. 
B&B rates include: breakfast (7:30/10:00), WI-FI, swimming pool (07 may/15 oct), parking, roof garden.

For the room booking and payment please contact the Hotel at Please, keep us ( in copy. 

Rooms can be cancelled without costs by 1 month before the meeting. However, under special circumstances (e.g., covid)  this policy can be negotiated with the hotel.



Please visit the Hotel website for transport information:



* A welcome cocktail will be offered on Sunday September 18th (late afternoon).

* A social event is planned on Wednesday September 21st. We will first visit the Botanical Garden "La cutura": and then have dinner at Cafè - Restaurant "Déjeuner sur l'Herbe". The 50 euro cost will include the visit, the dinner and transportation from the hotel to the Garden and back.

* A Gala Dinner will be held on Thursday September 22nd at the Basiliani Restaurant “Gli Ulivi”.



Scientific Organizing Commitee

Marica Branchesi

Susanna Vergani

Maria Grazia Bernardini

Paolo D’Avanzo

Daniele Malesani

Kate Maguire

Eric Chassande Mottin

Nando Patat

Andrea Melandri (co-chair)

Silvia Piranomonte (co-chair)

Local Organizing Commitee
Andrea Melandri
Francesca Panessa (chair)
Silvia Piranomonte




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